Frequently asked questions

1How long does it take to fit?

At Spartan Upholstery, we aim to complete the installation of your new roof within 1-2 days depending on type of van and additional extras.

2How can you fit a pop top so quickly?

Fitting pop-top roofs is our specialty and something we do regularly. With years of experience and a streamlined process, we've perfected the art of installation, allowing us to work efficiently without compromising on quality.

3How can I book in?

Booking in with us is simple. Just give us a call or fill out our request form, and we'll get in touch with you to arrange a convenient date for your installation.

4Do I have to give a deposit?

Yes, we require a 20% deposit to secure your booking, with the remaining balance payable upon completion of the installation.

5Can I drop off or pick up out of hours?

Absolutely. We have facilities that allow you to drop off or pick up your vehicle keys securely outside of regular business hours.

6Do you have a roof I can come and view?

Certainly! We have vehicles on-site showcasing our work. However, please note that certain elements may differ slightly as we continuously strive to improve. We recommend calling ahead to schedule a visit, as we want to ensure we have dedicated time to assist you.

7Does my van need to be empty for a roof to be fitted?

Yes, we ask that your vehicle comes to us in a condition suitable for the roof installation. Depending on your vehicle, some elements may need to be removed to facilitate the fitting process.

8What does framework carpeting mean?

Framework carpeting refers to the carpeting of the reinforced galvanized framework secured around the hole cut in the original van roof. Additionally, the underside of the pop-top comes carpeted as standard.

9Can I Add LED lights after fitting my pop-top roof?

Yes, you can add LED lights after the fitting, but we recommend running any cables before the strengthening framework is fitted.

10Does a black roof come in a gloss or matte finish?

All our roofs come with a high gloss finish, including black ones.

11Can two adults sleep in the roof bed?

Yes, our roof beds comfortably accommodate two adults, providing ample room for a restful night's sleep.

12Does the roof come with a Bed?

No, the roof bed is an optional extra.

13Does the roof bed come with a mattress?

Unfortunately, no, the mattress is also an optional extra.

14Can I still use an awning if I fit an elevating roof?

Absolutely! We can supply a hidden awning rail that sits neatly under your pop-top, allowing you to use an awning with ease.

15Can I fit both a solar panel and roof bars to my roof?

Yes, you can fit both a solar panel and roof bars, but we recommend moving the cross bars out of the way of the panel when not in use to avoid permanent shading of the panel's cells.

16Is my roof canvas waterproof?

Yes, the canvas is made from marine-grade materials and is waterproof. However, prolonged exposure to heavy rain may reach the saturation point.

17Why should I fit a Spartan Upholstery roof over others?

We believe we offer one of the best value roofs currently available in the UK market. Visit our Pop Top Roof page for more details on why we stand out.

18Do you offer finance?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any finance options.

19Can you fit a roof if my van is already converted?

Yes, we can fit a roof to your already converted van. We'll need to discuss your current layout to determine the best approach.

20What color tents can I have?

We offer a wide range of color choices for our tents, all of which can be viewed on our prices page.

21How much warranty will my new roof come with?

All our roofs come with a standard 2-year parts and labor warranty.

22Can you fit an elevating roof if my vehicle has a sunroof?

If your vehicle has a cab sunroof, it will need to be professionally plated to enable us to fit a roof. Please get in touch with us for clarification.

23What happens to my aerial when the roof is fitted?

If your vehicle's aerial cannot stay in position following the roof fitting, we will re-fit it internally under the vehicle's headlining as standard.

24What can I do while I wait for you to fit my new camper van roof?

We don't allow waiting in the workshop, however there are some shops and amenities near by, you could always take a visit to the peak district!

25How do we find your workshop?

Visit our contact page

26What color stretch van carpet do you offer on the pop top?

We keep smoke, silver, anthracite or black colors in stock as standard.

27I am 6-foot-tall, can I sleep on the roof bed?

Yes, even taller campers can comfortably sleep on our roof beds. Additionally, we offer a bed extension board to add extra length if needed.